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You thought your appointment went fine, but he disappeared. Do not fall from the clouds, do not you lose your temper and dummy strategy. If you are sure you want to give him a second chance at least follow our tips to keep up your status to him! http://whatmensecretlywantbauer.weebly.com/blog/what-men-secretly-want-by-james-bauer

1. Do not bomb with messages. There is no greater mistake than to send a dozen messages within hours. Indicates despair and even if the other interested will only manage to remove him.

2. Send a friendly, relaxed message to see if it is good. To send a simple message that says "what are you doing?" It is perfectly acceptable. If you do not respond in this your effort then you better stop.

3. Be careful who you make your complaints. The fact that you want communication and he refuses it is sure to find in a state of impatience. Do not fall into your trap and convey the feelings in your common acquaintances. If known they will transport them in a way that is not favorable to you.

4. Do not carry your anxiety in social media. The issue is between you and him and better to remain a personal matter. If you give internet extent you will understand that it is addressed to him, will assume that you want the lot and will create for you the image that do not protect your personal life.

5. Wait a while and then face him. If it has been a long two weeks and still think of him then you have every right to do a communications effort. You can send them a message that says: "I thought that went well and so I am a bit confused." Do not be ashamed to send it. If you went several times got every right to know what happened.

6. Do not expect over the phone to his message. It is a shame he can make his life and you have to stick to that question when we send you? He did not bruise their friends about you, but comes out with his pals probably. And you better do the same with your friends. And when you think about what you send replies. No need to show him that the door will always be open for him. http://www.nolimitly.com/

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