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November 01 2018

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How to meet a nice woman
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So by now with the help of Module #1 you have:
-Figured out what you are looking for in a women.
-Began enhancing yourself and your apartment.

Module #2 will outline:
-Preparing mentally
-Figuring out places to meet a woman

Preparing Mentally: You might not realize it, but you need to prepare yourself mentally for dating. Consider the following
-Are you over your ex?
-What are your strengths and weaknesses? (not confident enough, etc). Write out a list of your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be really critical here, but at the same time consider your positive attributes. Keep this handy for reference in the future. If you are not confident, read over your positive attributes and repeat them daily. If you are an unhappy depressive kind of person, start developing a positive attitude. Nobody wants to date someone who brings them down. (ok some people may - but if you are looking for a healthy relationship, start looking at the positive side of things, and reading this is enroute to happy things).

Now on to places to mee women:
-Write out the activities you are currently doing outside of work/school and write out activities you want to be doing.
-Have you read a book/newspaper recently? Starting reading things regularly to become a more knowledgeable interesting person. Read a variety of items outside the realm of your world. You don't have to go out and go insane over reading everything, just pick items that are general and items you are interested in. If you can't cook, read a cook book or watch cooking shows. You get the point. This will make you more interesting and well rounded.

Now to meet a woman:
-Take the list you wrote out as activities that you do. Do any of these places have a possibility for your meeting someone? If so, this is a great place to start. If not, make it a task for yourself to go to 1 new event a week (or more if you are super motivated and have the time). The internet has a plethora of online groups (meetup.com is a great free source). Pick the ones you are truly interested in, and mark your calendar to attend. Make sure you are testing out a variety of events from different sources. One week you can try a ski trip, another a museum or wine tasting with new people. Plan ahead for a month and you are sure to meet lots of people. Bring a friend if you are feeling shy at first.

Good places to meet a woman
The truth about online dating 

To do or not to do.  

A little while ago, I would not consider online dating. I thought I am attractive/intelligent, and I should meet someone in "real life". Online dating I thought was for perverts and losers. I was wrong. Nowadays, you can't afford not to do online dating, and I will explain why.

When I was dating offline, I met men through events, friends and activities. Meeting someone who meets my "musts" (as discussed in Module #1) was difficult and I put all my "egges in one basket" so to speak. If it didn't work out, I would feel devastated. Now, if you do online dating, you will get better at dating, and have more chances of meeting a larger pool of people. That way you may still meet someone perfect in "Real life", but if you don't, meanwhile you can date and not depend on life's chances. Plus, someone perfect might be just 100 miles away!

Online dating today is not what it used to be 3 years ago. There is a dating site catered for every personality type. Just go explore and find one that is right for you. Do make sure you find a reputable site that's been around for a while and offers the tools to put up pics, communicate through internal system, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Popular sites include match.com, eharmony, lavalife, jdate and veggiedates. But there are many more. Another, more "hidden" dating site is Myspace.com. Its free! I would advise against craigslist for dating, however its been most helpful for activity partners. Whichever source you use, if you put enough effort into it, you will find someone special.

The basics of online dating:
-Get a good photo that's recent, and looks like you.
-Guys, this is super important, please use a graphic program to remove the female from your photo. Don't leave any of her in the photo, even trace of hair. This is a low trick, and won't get you anywhere. Cute photos with animals are always welcome. I can't emphasize the above point enough. I see this time and time again, and men who do this are just plain moronic.
-Write out a well thought out personal statement. Make sure you stand-out and use spell checker please!
-Take out 30 minutes every other day to write to ladies you find interesting. Make sure you write something funny or intelligent, and be sure you read her profile completely. Pictures are often not accurate, so don't choose just the prettiest girls to write to. Inner beauty and charm, can make-up for 6'1 110lbs body.
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